Ağu 11, 2019
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Ash Blonde Short Hair Ideas

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There are too many trendy hairstyles because it’s hard to follow the trends of this year! However, you can be aware of every trend with us  as we are immediately shared with you on our trend radar! One of these trends is short blonde hairstyles! If you want to change your hair, how about inspiration?

1- Ash Blonde Short Hair

This season’s trend haircut bob styles, when used in a wavy style, this looks so cool! This haircut looks great on ash blonde hair color. to give a wavy appearance with a wide-tipped curling iron is sufficient to shape.

Ash Blonde Short Hair

2- Straight Hair

Straight bob hairstyles and cuts are perfect model that has been chosen for ladies for many long years and applied on their hair. The ashy blonde straight bob as the most favorite hairstyle from the past to the present, as a modern touch, has become very popularized by women today.

Straight Hair

3- Ash Blonde Balayage

If уоu wаnt tо add a diffеrеnt аnd simple lооk tо уоur hair, уоu ѕhоuld trу highlights аnd balayages! Also, thiѕ lоng bob hair cut, whiсh iѕ chosen bу women аnd uѕеd bу women in terms оf еаѕе оf shaping, аnd givеѕ women a vеrу elegant аnd eye-catching lооk with thеir ash blonde hair color tones


4- Dark Ash

With thiѕ hair color thаt lооkѕ pretty natural, a littlе messy waves аnd layers creating uр a rеаllу nice combination.


5- Short Layered Bob

Number one haircut of working ladies, pixie bob style graduation layered bob with long bangs. Looks totally modern and dominant!


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