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Well, my friends with superdeveloped intuition Not even a couple of hours have passed, as you once …

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Well, my friends with superdeveloped intuition 🔮
Before a couple of hours passed, you figured out the false points in the game 10 facts about me💃
So, let's start in order:
P. 1 – a lie, although the song “I was born in Siberia” seems to me very funny🙈😂😂😂
Born, in fact, in Moscow.
And here we go to step 2 – I spent all my childhood in Khimki, Moscow, and the episode with the bribing of the head teacher by repairing the office is true.
P. 3 – again true, an excellent athlete.
P. 4, P. 5, P. 7 is also true, and I still wonder how my mother let me go alone on a full day excursion at 9 years old, for two weeks a psi camp to another city at 10, on a trip around Europe in 13.
In a word, all the prerequisites for my dromomania come from the family👻🤗
About yoga and vegetarianism is also true (point 6), as well as point 8 – the first climb at 13 years old to the city of Goverla (the highest point of Ukraine, 2061 m.), From this moment until now the Carpathians are the favorite mountains, and the largest marching poker face – without a doubt, Vorkuta and the Polar Urals (p. 9).
As for the circumnavigation (p. 10) – there has already really been one circumnavigation in my life – this is the so-called “Zhiguli circumnavigation” – a water circular tourist route along the Volga and Usa rivers, around Samarskaya Luka.
Well, and, finally, another untrue point – p. 14, alas, in addition to being late for planes and buses, there were in my life and being late for long-distance trains – moreover, I was late for the train my friend was leaving with we had to live with my relative in St. Petersburg.
Anya, @annakharzeeva remember this epicfile ?!
Thank you all for participating! ❤️
And the prize from me is received by @jully_liss as the author of the first correct answer! ❤️❤️❤️
Waiting for an address in Direct 😘
Separately, I want to mention @littleeternity for the intuition of 100 level! 🔥🔥🔥
#naturelover #travel Russia # travel Russia

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